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Sylphyo 1.1.0

Shake vibrato, dynamic velocity, and more.

Will you bring your Sylphyo with you on vacation? Then don't forget to update it to the newest version, it's got everything you need to spice up your summer tunes!

After a long period of careful testing, thanks to our trusted beta users and musicians, the internal software of the Sylphyo just passed the 1.1.0 mark. Let's have a look at the main new features.

Shake vibrato

Vibrato is one of these things that can make the difference between a dull musical phrase and a magical one.

It is so important that some virtual instruments even provide you with a command or a CC to control it in a limited way if you can't do it with your controller. But it is often necessary to have complete control over your vibrato in order to match the music and the emotion you want to convey with it.

With a Sylphyo, you can perform vibratos by repeatedly pitch-bending up and down, but it has always been a bit difficult… until now.

Version 1.1.0 introduces shake vibrato, an easy and powerful way to perform vibratos by repeatedly and slightly shaking your Sylphyo away from the mouth and towards it.

In the following video, Florian Becquigny offers a quick demo performance with shake vibrato (movements were slightly exaggerated for the video).

Your vibrato will follow your movements, so you can control it just by shaking harder, faster, softer, or slower.

It's a subtle movement that is surprisingly easy to learn and master, and we're sure you'll quickly integrate it into your performance.

Dynamic velocity

Let's admit it: a Sylphyo is great for wind, stringed, and synth sounds, but sometimes you just want to play the piano with it!

We introduced dynamic velocity in version 1.0.0 to allow you to play with all kinds of virtual instruments that weren't made for wind controllers: they don't understand breath control messages, and they just take into account the MIDI velocity of your notes.

So instead of sending a fixed velocity value, the Sylphyo could send one that was based on the intensity of your breath. Basically, it is a way to allow you to play with sounds that were designed for keyboard or percussive controllers, from pianissimo to fortissimo.

Version 1.1.0 features a much improved dynamic velocity (in fact, we totally revamped it), based on many user reports, requests, and tests. It is much easier to control, and you can customize it as you like.

In the following video, Florian Becquigny offers a quick demo performance with dynamic velocity, using drum and piano sounds.

So if you know how to roll your Rs, you can perform perfect drum rolls!

And more!

If you struggle between several synthesizers and virtual instruments that don't understand the same MIDI messages for breath control, then you'll be pleased to know that your Sylphyo can now send up to three different breath MIDI messages. We also provide two advanced settings to control the timing of these messages, for those old synths with a touchy MIDI implementation.

There are several other improvements in this new version, including:

  • You can now use the slider instead of your breath.
  • The Celtic and Flute fingerings have been extended (remove the left index finger to go an octave upper).
  • Your Sylphyo is more reactive.
  • You can turn the octave keys upside down (lower octaves to the top, higher octaves to the bottom).

Some of these features come from user requests, so if you want to discuss something that you think should be included in the next versions, don't hesitate to tell the community or to ask us directly at contaremovect@aoremovedyo.coremovem.

Download the update and tell us what you think!