Updating your Sylphyo (macOS)

This page provides you with all the needed instructions to update your Sylphyo to the latest version.

Updating your Sylphyo should only last a few minutes. You will download and open the update utility, and use the utility to update your instrument.

Download and open the update utility

Click here to download the last version of the Sylphyo update utility.

Once the file has been downloaded, unzip it. For instance, you can click the downloaded file in the Downloads stack.

The update utility should now appear in a new Finder window. To open it, right-click (or control-click) its icon in the Finder, and select the Open menu item.

The Finder might display a message saying that the application comes from an unidentified developer. If you are sure that your file was downloaded from aodyo.com, you can proceed by clicking the Open button.

Use the utility to update your instrument

Once the window of the update utility appears, you're ready to update your Sylphyo.

Do not power it on or plug it in yet. Just click the Update button first.

Then, plug your Sylphyo directly into the USB port of your computer, and turn it on. If your Sylphyo is already plugged in, please turn it off and on again.

The update should automatically begin.

Once the update is complete, a message appears. Confirm it and the update utility will close itself.

Congratulations, your Sylphyo is now up to date!