Updating your Sylphyo (Windows Vista/7)

This page provides you with all the needed instructions to update your Sylphyo to the latest version.

Updating your Sylphyo should only last a few minutes. You will download and open the update utility, maybe perform a one-time preliminary step, and use the utility to update your instrument.

Download and open the update utility

Click here to download the last version of the Sylphyo update utility.

If your web browser asks you what to do with it, select the Run button.

Windows might prevent you from running the file right away. If the following window appears, please click the Actions button.

Windows then explains this file comes from an unknown publisher. If you are sure that your file was downloaded from aodyo.com, you can proceed by clicking the Run anyway button.

Use the utility to update your instrument

If this is the first time you are updating your Sylphyo, you will need to perform a small preliminary step before updating. Please click here.

Once the window of the update utility appears, you're ready to update your Sylphyo.

Do not power it on or plug it in yet. Just click the Update button first.

Then, plug your Sylphyo directly into the USB port of your computer, and turn it on. If your Sylphyo is already plugged in, please turn it off and on again.

The update should automatically begin.

Once the update is complete, a message appears. Confirm it and the update utility will close itself.

Congratulations, your Sylphyo is now up to date!

Perform a one-time preliminary step

If this is the first time you are updating your Sylphyo, you will need to perform this small preliminary step.

Older Windows versions have trouble inspecting the internal update program that runs when the Sylphyo is powered on. However, once this step is done, you will never have to perform it again on your system.

Turn your Sylphyo off, plug it directly into your computer, then turn it on.

The message below will appear on the bottom right corner of your screen. Please click on it.

Inside the window that appears, click on Skip obtaining driver software from Windows Update.

Then, a confirmation message appears. Click on the Yes button.

After a while, Windows will inform you that it could not install any driver software.

Ignore this message and click on the Close button.

Then, turn your Sylphyo off.

You can now run the update utility.