Electronic flute

The Sylphyo compared to the electric flutes

The Sylphyo can be the perfect electronic counterpart to any kind of acoustic flute, be it a recorder, a transverse flute, or even an irish whistle, as fingerings for all these different acoustic instruments are included.

Its breath sensor allows flautists to achieve advanced techniques such as flutter-tonguing (Flatterzunge) to produce a tremolo effect. The Sylphyo provides a fingering that is very close to the transverse flute, with only a few differences to learn due to some missing keys. Switching to the upper octave can be done simply by switching to another octave key, or by removing the left index finger, thus offering the widest note range of all other Sylphyo fingerings (one octave and a sixth; i.e., 21 semitones) without having to change the octave key.

The tuning of the Sylphyo can be set to C as in soprano, tenor, or contrabass flutes, or in F as in sopranino, alto or bass flutes.

Recorder players can also find a fingering similar to their acoustic instrument, extended to a range of more than five octaves thanks to the five octave keys on the back of the instrument. The Sylphyo also augments the possible alternative fingerings and can even simplify them when using the left pinky key, which adds a semitone to any note. Moreover, thanks to the key bend technique, you can slightly bend the note upwards by sliding the finger outside a key.

Sylphyo characteristics for the electronic flutes players

Aodyo created the Sylphyo which is equipped with a simple removable mouthpiece. Its breath sensor allows you to control sound intensity and tone with great precision, making it easier to quickly get satisfactory results.

Whistle and bagpipe players can also find adapted fingerings. And to get closer to the more simple 6-hole instruments, the Sylphyo also provides a special six-hole fingering, with many variations, allowing you to choose between different modes ranging from ionian to locrian, but also a full range of diatonic simple or double modes with minor, augmented, dominant, oriental or gypsy. All the six-hole fingerings allow you to add a sharp or a flat to any note using the pinky finger keys, providing a full chromatic scale in most of the cases.


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