Electronic wind instrument

Sylphyo, the electronic musical instrument

An electronic wind instrument (commonly referred to by the acronym EWI) is an electronic instrument controlled by breath. More or less inspired by traditional wind instruments, its interfaces and methods of play distinguish it from what is called a “breath controller”, which refers more to a simple breath sensor that can be plugged into a synthesizer. Popularised in the 80s by American saxophone player Michael Brecker, the practice of electronic wind instruments was developed in the 70s with an instrument known as the Lyricon, which we can hear in the song Peg (1977) by Steely Dan or on the album Black Market (1976) by Weather Report, where it is played by Wayne Shorter. The Sylphyo continues today the history of electronic wind instruments: endowed with an unheard of expressivity capable of translating the sensibility of the musician and of the movement controls and even stimulating creativity, the Sylphyo constitutes an example of an electronic wind instrument updated to the standards of electronic instrument-making of the 21st century.

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