About Us

We are Aodyo Instruments

We're a team of 6 people based in Lille, in the north of France, and we are all committed to bringing to musicians new possibilities to give life to their sounds.

Our Story

Laurent is a clarinettist and a synth aficionado. He wanted to play his synths like a wind instrument, but there wasn’t any satisfying solution for him on the market. As he started imagining something that would fulfil his needs, he met Ludovic, Romain and Jonathan. They shared their technical and musical know-how, created Aodyo Instruments, and gave birth to the Sylphyo, the first electronic wind instrument with the feeling of an acoustic instrument. Thanks to the latest technologies and careful research and design, the Sylphyo outperforms the expressiveness of existing MIDI wind controllers by bringing together traditional playing techniques and the electronic world.

The Aodyo team innovates to enrich the experience of musicians. Aodyo Instruments designs and builds novel musical instruments in France. It is composed of passionate people dedicated to give music a new breath with instruments that combine tradition and innovation, respond to the requirements of each, and enable them to share the pleasure of music across cultures.

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