Sylphyo | Updates and Downloads

Sylphyo | Updates and Downloads


Date : 2021/03/30

New sounds

  • Synthbrass 80’s : A classic synthbrass sound typically found in the synths from the 80’s.
  • Resozen : An original sound from the Anyma Phi synth, adapted for the Sylphyo. We recommend playing it in movement mode.
  • Silent (MIDI Ctrl) : The list of the internal sounds now ends with a silent entry, so that you can disable the synth and use only MIDI control when needed.

New fingerings

  • Native American Flute et Native American Flute+ : A core set of fingerings found on most contemporary Native American flutes. The + version is an extension that makes use of the thumb and pinky keys for additional pitches and alternate fingerings. (Contributed by Clint Goss)
  • Natural Harmonic Scale : Offers a way to play Bruce Kanzelmeyer’s Natural harmonic scale, a 16-tone microtonal scale that comprises pure intervals from the harmonic overtone series. Requires a synth allowing to play microtonal scales, as well as the tuning for that scale. (Contributed by Bruce Kanzelmeyer)
  • EWI (alt.) : A variant of the EWI fingering where the right pinky key sharpens by a half-tone instead of flattening by a whole tone.


  • The Saxophone fingerings have been improved and now offer ways to simulate some side keys, as well as a shortcut to play a high Bb using only the left hand.
  • Crossing the break while going to a higher octave is now more forgiving, thanks to a slight additional delay when changing octave keys. The delay can be changed using the Reaction time octaves setting in the Keys section of the settings menu..
  • Improved octave key sensitivity. You can uncheck the More sensitive setting (Keys section of the settings menu) to go back to the former behavior.

Don’t forget to apply this update on both your Sylphyo and your Link.

Thanks to our testers and early adopters. Contact us ( if you’d like to participate in our beta test program, if you’ve spotted a nasty bug, or if you have any kind of trouble with your instrument. Have fun playing!

Update Files

The update package contains the update file to transfer to your Sylphyo, the current version of the manual, a readme.txt file with instructions, as well as the current version of the PC/Mac editor for your operating system.

If you don’t use macOS (10.9+), Windows (7+) or Linux, you can still update your Sylphyo from any computer or tablet using any of the above packages, but you won’t be able to use the editor.

Previous updates and other useful files are listed here.

Getting help


Our forum is the main place to go. We all chat about our different uses of the Anyma Phi and the Sylphyo, as well as current advancements, together with the Aodyo team.

Customer support

If your Anyma Phi or Sylphyo doesn’t seem to work correctly, you seem to experience bugs, or you’ve seen something that could be improved, don’t hesitate to contact us directly by mail at

Special thanks to our early adopters, as well as all our beta testers, for their incredible support!

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