Guillaume Perret Sylphyo

What is an Electronic Clarinet?

The Sylphyo, crafted by Aodyo, brings a fresh perspective to clarinet players, merging the traditional aspects of the instrument with innovative digital technology. Its design, characterized by the distinct shape of a clarinet’s bell and a sleek, dark color, immediately evokes the classic clarinet.

Yet, it’s the advanced electronic display that sets the Sylphyo apart, marking it as a unique electronic clarinet. This hybrid of classic design and modern functionality offers clarinet players an exciting new avenue to explore their musical creativity.

Ease of Playing

A key feature of the Sylphyo that appeals to clarinetists is the simplified octave selection mechanism, controlled by the left thumb. This innovative feature makes the often challenging task of crossing the break on a traditional clarinet much more manageable. It allows players to effortlessly transition into the clarion register, making the Sylphyo an accessible instrument for both beginners and seasoned musicians. This ease of playing not only enhances the learning experience for new players but also provides experienced clarinetists with a more fluid and intuitive playing experience.

Sylphyo's User-Friendly Features: An infographic highlighting the Sylphyo's easy-to-use design

Keys and Fingerings

The Sylphyo’s key system is thoughtfully adapted to replicate the clarinet’s layout, offering an intuitive experience for clarinet players. This adaptation takes into account the absence of certain keys found on traditional clarinets, resulting in a fingering system that is both familiar and innovative. The design allows clarinetists to utilize their existing skills while exploring the expanded possibilities offered by the electronic format.

Clarinet Fingering Chart

A key-bend option allows note keys to behave like tone holes with respect to pitch-bend: the amount of skin in contact with the bottommost key determines whether the note is bend upwards, and by which amount (to do so, you can either slide your finger on the key, or raise it slightly).

Additionally, the Sylphyo provides an oriental clarinet fingering option. This unique system is based on the modified Albert system, often found in Turkish clarinets. Developed in collaboration with students specializing in Middle-Eastern Music at UCLA, this fingering style opens doors to a range of cultural and traditional music styles, enriching the playing experience for those interested in global music genres.

Range and Tuning

Flexibility in range and tuning is a hallmark of the Sylphyo. The instrument features a left thumb octave selection mechanism, streamlining the process of crossing the break and allowing easy access to the clarion register. This simplifies what is traditionally a complex aspect of clarinet playing, making the Sylphyo more accessible to players at all levels.

In terms of tuning, the Sylphyo is incredibly versatile. While it is set to C by default, it can easily be tuned to Bb to match most soprano clarinets. The instrument also accommodates tuning in C or A, as found in other soprano clarinets, and can be adjusted to fit the ranges of Eb and Bb clarinets. Its capacity to be tuned across a ±2-octave range allows musicians to tailor the Sylphyo to a wide array of musical contexts, from classical ensembles to solo performances. This extensive range of tuning options ensures that the Sylphyo can seamlessly adapt to the specific needs of every clarinet player.

Sound and Silent Playing

The Sylphyo distinguishes itself in the realm of electronic wind instruments through its remarkable sound versatility. As an electronic clarinet, it not only emulates the rich, warm tones of a traditional instruments but also offers a spectrum of sound variations and access to electronic universes. This versatility allows players to experiment with different musical styles and genres, extending the creative boundaries far beyond that of a conventional clarinet.

One of the significant advantages of the Sylphyo is its capability for silent playing. This feature is particularly beneficial for practice sessions in environments where noise could be an issue, such as apartments or late at night. By using headphones, musicians can engage in extensive practice without disturbing others, ensuring that their training remains consistent and uninterrupted.

Playing silently with headphones


The Sylphyo, with its innovative design and versatile features, represents a significant evolution in the world of clarinet playing. It bridges the gap between the traditional acoustic clarinet and the dynamic world of electronic music. With features like easy octave switching, adjustable tuning, and a range of fingering systems, the Sylphyo is an ideal instrument for both seasoned clarinetists and those new to the instrument. Its sound versatility and silent playing option further enhance its appeal, making it a valuable tool for musical exploration and practice.

For musicians seeking to explore new dimensions of sound while retaining the essence of the clarinet, the Sylphyo offers a unique and exciting opportunity. It stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of electronic wind instruments, where tradition meets innovation, opening new horizons for clarinet players and music enthusiasts alike.

Learn more about the Sylphyo and discover how it can transform your musical experience.

Comments (2)

  1. How do you play the keys on this clarinet? Can you play all the notes that you can play on a regular clarinet? Is this clarinet easier or harder to opperate than a regular clarinet?

    1. You play the keys of the Sylphyo as any wind instrument, by putting your fingers on the tactile keys. Here is a video showing how to handle it:

      One of the selectable fingerings has been designed for close compatibility with Bb soprano Boehm-System clarinets, mainly in the Clarion register, with adaptations to the keys of the Sylphyo:

      Another fingering has been designed for close compatibility with modified-Albert-System oriental clarinets, with adaptations to the keys of the Sylphyo. It can be used to play middle-eastern music, and more generally world music repertoires:

      One can say that the Sylphyo is easier to operate than an acoustic clarinet, as your simply need to put some air flow into the mouthpiece to produce a clear sound. However, the technic you develop with the Sylphyo can be quickly transferred to traditional clarinets and vice-versa.

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